Sunday, July 1, 2012

If You Could See What I See

     When I conceived of New England Pet Hospice so many years ago, I envisioned a company in which people with huge hearts and committed souls found a meaningful way to be of service to both animals and people.  A place where hard work was also heart work.  Where being sensitive, passionate, and vulnerable were valued and important traits. Where teamwork, camaraderie, and love would be the driving forces in all we do.

     I am incredibly proud and humbled to say much of this has come true - for better and for worse. Never in a million years could I have imagined the huge impact we would have on the families who so graciously allow us into their lives and into their homes in heartbreaking times. Nor could I have ever envisioned the incredible group of people who would be drawn to do this work with me. Their knowledge, skills, passion, courage, conviction and compassion routinely amaze and impress me.

     But with success and growth comes those few people who wish us to be something we are not, want more than we have to offer, or who need someone to blame for something that is outside of our control.

     It breaks my heart when this happens, because if you could see what I see:

     You would see smart, talented, accomplished professionals sacrificing personally and professionally for the opportunity to be of service.

     You would see the purest form of love and giving.

     You would see a determination to be better every day in everything we do.

     You would see hundreds of hours of training, education, and sharing.

     You would see late nights and early mornings, holiday crises, and weekend scrambling.

     You would see risk, responsibility, vulnerability and humility.

     You would see an organization determined to remain open and emotionally attached, refusing to become jaded or cynical, fueled by hope and the belief that we can do something important and lasting, that we have the capacity to make a difference.

     This company and all those involved in making it thrive and grow, develop in ways that simply astound me.  I know that something bigger than any of us brought us together and set us on this path.  And I for one can't wait to see where it takes us tomorrow, next year and many years into the future!