Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Children and Hospice Care

     You brought a pet into your home for your children, so they would have a companion to love and play with, from whom they could learn responsibility and nurturing, and now your pet is  sick and dying...

  • Have you made a terrible mistake?
  • Should you hide the illness?
  • Should you keep your child away from the dying animal? 
     We think the answer to all of those questions is, “No.”  Just as your child learned about love, caring and responsibility from your pet, illness, death and the grieving process have a lot to teach your child and can be a positive, important part of your child’s development.

     Learning to care for an elderly or sick pet can be hugely rewarding, inspiring and therapeutic for your child.  It can teach him or her how to process and grieve death in a healthy way.

     Hospice provides a unique way for your children to participate in the care of your pet and experience his or her death in a meaningful way.  Your child can emerge from this experience feeling good about what they were able to contribute, better equipped to handle illness and death in the future, and with a deeper trust in your family bond.

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