Tuesday, November 2, 2010


     Welcome to the New England Pet Hospice blog.  Here you will find information, support, suggestions and guidance as you and your family face the end of your pet’s life – whether through age, illness, disease or injury.  We work with individuals and families through the illness, death and grieving periods.

     This time will surely be difficult for you and your family.  There are ways, however, to transform the experience to something meaningful for your animal and your family.  Your family can come together and grow, emerging stronger, with a greater connection to each other and better tools to cope with other losses in the future.

     Your pet has taught you and your family many things over the years and given you endless gifts.  Caring for your animal through his or her last months and days is both your gift to your pet and your pet's final, enduring gift to your family.

     We hope you find this blog helpful and welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions and requests.

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