Friday, April 1, 2011

It All Comes Down to Love

     On this snowy April Fools Day, I spent most of the day at a funeral for a friend.  Truth be told, he was the father of a friend.  I probably spent no more than 30 hours total with him over the course of a number of years.  And yet I can tell you absolutely and unequivocally that I genuinely loved and cared for him.  He was that kind of man.  The funeral chapel was filled overcapacity, standing room 3-4 people deep and spilling out into the foyer.  The procession shut down the highway and required 3 state troopers to manage.  No one came to that funeral out of obligation; they came because they genuinely loved this man.  It didn't matter if you were only in his presence for 10 minutes, you knew he was a kind, genuine, caring soul.

     The similarities between this wonderful man and my beloved grandfather who died 5 years ago at the age of 94 were stunning.  Both had a life long love affair with their wife of 50+ years.  Both put family above all else.  Both laughed easily and forgave willingly.  Both engendered love and respect among everyone they met.  And both were exquisitely and genuinely happy, appreciating all of the blessings in their life despite the challenges and hardships.

     What makes a being able to project such love and warmth?  Such honesty and humility?  Such genuine compassion?

     I think it comes down to love.  The ability to live life with an open heart, knowing that there is enough love for everyone, that saying "I Love You" all the time matters, and that living that love in everything you do is the most important thing you can do everyday, always. 

     Today it was said of this man that he always made you feel like you were the most important person on earth to him and that he had all the time in the world for you, your needs and your problems.  Because, in that moment, you were the most important person and because he never let all the things he "needed" to do rob him of all those he wanted to do.

     Today my heart is both broken and full at the same time.  I am grateful to have had two such wonderful people in my life, and also saddened to have lost them both.

     In loving memory of Stan and Mac, may we all take their lives to heart.  Love freely, unabashedly, and without conditions.  Give up the notion of "not enough time" and give all of your attention to those before you for whatever time they may need.  Be gleeful in your joy for your family and loved ones.  Do what you love.  Be genuine in everything you do.  And be grateful for the love in your life every moment of every day.


  1. This post is beautiful. It is the exact thing I needed to read right now. Thank you for sharing your story. Much love, Lauren

  2. I'm so glad it spoke to you, Lauren. May your days and life be filled with love.

    Best wishes,
    Founder and Team Leader
    New England Pet Hospice, Inc.