Friday, April 22, 2011

Standing on the Side of Compassion

     Thank you to those of you who have shared your thoughts about and experiences with Angel's Gate, both here and privately.  It is a terribly sad situation whichever way it goes.  If the allegations are true, we will be saddened and outraged that animals are suffering.  If they are false, we will be disappointed to see animals being used as a tool to promote an agenda and a person's reputation trashed.  Many of you have asked if we know Susan personally or have visited Angel's Gate personally.  The answer is no to both.  We know of Angel's Gate and we know people who have visited personally and professionally. Like you, we despise seeing animals in pain and suffering and hope that objective investigation will find no abuse or mistreatment of any animal.

     At New England Pet Hospice, we stand firmly on the side of compassionate care for all animals, at all stages of life and health.  Our sole mission is to support families so that they may provide the most compassionate, loving care for their animals at times when that is difficult to do.  Caring for an elderly, special needs or terminally ill animal is hard work.  We exist solely for the purpose of enabling families to do what they feel is right for their animal at any given time.

     We are not a rescue, sanctuary or residential hospice.  We are not veterinarians, morticians or police.  We do not promote political agendas or specific religious beliefs.  We do not think there is only one correct way to care for an animal at the end of life.

     What we are is support, backup, assistance, facilitation.  We are a loving, available, knowledgeable companion on your animal's journey and yours, whatever that may be.

     We are vigilant in evaluating and controlling physical pain and other forms of suffering in the animals we help to care for.  We are relentless in investigating and evaluating all forms of pain control and the alleviation of suffering.  And we are determined to make the end of your animal's journey here on earth comfortable, peaceful and fulfilling - for both your animal and your family.

     We love our animals - and yours - as adored and respected members of our family.  

     Join us in pledging to do all we can to provide peaceful, pain-free lives for the animals who share our homes and our hearts and especially for those who are elderly, special needs or terminally ill.  

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