Sunday, September 30, 2012

Homecooking Made Easy!

     Animals are resilient. They survive on many kinds on diets, but they thrive best on a species-appropriate diet filled with fresh, quality ingredients. We notice a huge difference in health, vitality and energy when animals are fed a good diet. Many of us at New England Pet Hospice feed our own animals home cooked food.

      It is natural to assume this is expensive, time consuming and more hassle than it is worth - I did too when I heard about it, but now I am a convert! Home cooking will be more expensive than kibble, but less expensive than premium canned food. It is very, important, however that home cooked is prepared carefully and in proper balance. We see too many dogs fed meat only or unsupplemented meals that can cause problems in the long run. Often problems related to nutritional deficiencies develop over time, so it is easy to miss problems in the diet.

      There are many excellent books and resources available on homecooked diets, but in the end, they essentially boil down to the same recipe - which is simple and affordable.

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