Friday, January 18, 2013

Skiing on the Grass

     I'm guessing if you saw conditions like this when you arrived at a field to cross-country ski, you would hang up your skis and walk instead.

But not me.  Oh no.  Over my life, I have routinely been called stubborn, dogged and even occasionally STUPID (though I prefer "determined" and "persistent", don't you?).  These qualities - or flaws as some might call them - have lead me many places I never would have reached without them (a hospice for pets??  what are you crazy?) and some others we don't need to mention here. Those of you who know me won't be at all surprised to know that I insisted on skiing today anyway.

     For those of you who aren't likely to take these chances, I offer

The Top 5 Lessons I Learned Skiing on Grass

1.  Not all gifts are in the sunshine.  It's easy to think the best things will be found in the light, but sometimes what you are really seeking is found only in the shadows where it waits for you, protected, perfect, and undisturbed.

2.  No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, there is one universal truth: your iPod has magical powers and insight.  For example, when it randomly plays the theme song to Rocky just as you are at the base of an icy cliff you must scale and reaches the climax of the song right when you reach the summit.  Yup, I swear it happened just like that (ok, maybe a hill, not a cliff but I sure felt like Rocky at the top of the stairs when I conquered it!).

Or "Carry On" plays just as you reach this lovely place on the trail:

 Carry on, carry on!

     Fill your iPod with songs you love (even the ones you are embarrassed to admit you do) and put it on shuffle.  You'll see what I mean.

     And fill your life with experiences, people and things that speak to you, then let go of control.  I bet you will find that the right thing will happen, in just the right way and at just the right time.

3.  Everyone should have the Rocky theme song on their iPod.  Everyone.

4.  You will fall 100% of the time you lean backwards and try to choose what feels safe over taking a chance.

Bend your knees, lean into the the uncertain future, take a risk.  That's where the whooo-hooos are.

5.  Everything - every perfect stretch of effortless gliding and every slug through the mud - is better with a friend.  Especially if that friend is a dog.

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